Hi, my name is Peter and since 2003 I have owned my own company. At first we were active in organizing events. As online promotion and fulfillment became a bigger and bigger part of events, I was drawn to that. I started to do my first training on internet marketing in 2008.
When working on this 'internet marketing thing' became more and more part of my daily I became hooked. In 2011 I decided to leave the events world all together and completely focus on being an internet marketing consultant. In 2016 we made a pivot again to offering standardize services that we tailored to our customers. This so we could deliver at a constant quality at reduced costs. Deliver what exactly you might ask.

Currently we have 5 services on our menu:
- Match2Market Re-Engage - re-targeting and showing tailored ads to people who have already shown an interest in your services or products. We serve those tailor made ads to on some of the biggest platforms out there
- Match2Market Scout - We will find you a cold audience that will over time likely buy from you. We tailor the ads to where we target them in the buying cycle and then warm them up to your products or services
- Match2Market Done With You - Without a hefty our of pocket investment we will help you grow your e-Commerce shop. For a fixed monthly fee and a percentage of profits over benchmark we will invest in the growth of you web shop by providing full service DFY paid media services
- Match2Market Online Proof - We will help businesses that have to shift in a hurry to the online model because of all the Corona measures get an online presence. We will provide at a fixed fee an online shop / order / lead generating website.
- Match2Market GMB Optimized - For local business owners it is very important to be found in local search results. Even people coming of a paid ad google your business to find out more about it. So being found in local search results, certainly in combination with paid media, generates more business and customers. In this approach, optimizing your Google MyBusiness listing is a central part. 

If you want to hear what our customers have to say about us, please watch the customer reviews

The short of it is that we help businesses race to growth using paid media and local SEO for local businesses. We have helped both local businesses with online lead generation and eCommerce businesses increase their sales. It is what we do, love, live and breathe.

Business coaching or coaching for business growth is also always a part of the package we offer. Growing your business and setting up a lead and sales generating system requires a certain mind set to be successful. Any success requires a success mind set. We always work on that with our customers too. 

If you need to grow your business, increase your leads and you need to do it fast, book your free strategy call now. We will not sell and pitch you. Promise. If there is a click however, cooperating in a mutually beneficial agreement can be on the table. But again, no pitch fest, pure value. Scout's honor.


Match2Market has been active in the field of internet marketing for well over a decade. If it works, we know about it.  


All our services come with easy access to a 24/7 Marketing Data Dashboard. Plus bi-weekly and monthly progress reports.  


With Match2Market you always have easy access to a person. Every customers has their own dedicated account manager.  


Match2Market has a proven track record of customers leaving excellent reviews. Visit our testimonials page for more. 


Obviously we need input from you to fulfill our services. But for the rest our services are all inclusive and completely DFY. 


Our services have a high Return on Investment and Return on Ad Spend. If it would not have that, what would be the point? 


In our opinion advertising online has as much to do with the art of telling a compelling story as with being able to target the right audience and build feedback loops on ad and website performance and act accordingly. Successful advertising online is an art multiplied by the science of data. We've mastered both. 

Hands Off Experience

Match2Market only delivers turn key ad services to both local businesses and eCommerce companies. We obviously need your input but for the rest; we take care of everything. Setting up campaigns, creative, copy, testing, building feedback loops, integrating with your current systems, data gathering and interpretation, tweaking, optimizing, systematizing, the works.  

Positive Returns

Not only do we know our stuff, we are masters at planning, executing and cost control as well. Of course some learning curve is always involved when starting a new campaign. But over time we usually manage to generate very positive returns on the marketing investments our clients have place with us. 

Absence of new leads and new sales is the demise of your business

Without a steady stream of leads or sales coming into your business it is just not sustainable. Not only do you need sales and leads but you need to systematize new business coming in so your business becomes a reliable, long term source of income. That is why you need to make sure NOW to start building and maintaining a system that brings in sales and leads. Reliably. Systematically. Cost Effectively. 

match2market - home - 5 - having a lead and sales generating system in place gives you peace of mind

Find new and retain existing customers

Your customers are out there, whether they never heard of you or have already shown an interest in what your business has to offer. The art is in (re)engaging them in a way that has meaning to them on platforms like Google, YouTube and Facebook. The places online where they actually spend their time. 

Data, data, data

You should know what your advertising dollar is bringing you. You want to know if you are speaking to the right audience, with the correct message at the proper time. To achieve this you need to be able to build feedback loops from what is happening with your ads and on your website. You need to use solid data to optimize your ads and funnels. And use this data to grow your business even faster across all of your products and services.

Systematize and Scale

Once the data comes back you need to systematize your lead and sales generating processes from ad to fulfillment. This makes your lead and sales generation process a reliable and predictable asset to your business. Our 24 / 7 accessible Marketing Data Dashboard and funnel mapping and simulating software will help achieve that. Once all systems are go you can use that predictability to scale the business to the desired level with confidence. Finally some peace of mind. 

After clicking the button you will be taken to our scheduling site where you can pick a time and date at your convenience. After you have made your appointment you will be directed to a small questionnaire (5 minutes) so we can get to know you and your company a little bit better and can come to the call well prepared. Looking forward to meeting you!

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