What Randy Schleuss from Vontronix TV has to say about us:

Randy Schleuss - Vontronix TV

"Of all the companies I've ever dealt with in Marketing, Pete (from Match2Market) by far surpasses everybody and you are going to get the good warm feeling that this is the real deal. He's not going to sell you some smoke show. It's not smoke and mirrors. It is the real deal."

"Pete (from Match2Market) has my business. He has run with it. And boy has he run with it. He's in full sprint. He's galloping. He's making our business grow leaps and bounds. It thank God I put my trust in him. I like to call him a brother, a family member and wish he would come over here for Thanksgiving and Christmas and spend the holidays with me. That is how much I like the guy."

What Peter Lamb from Thinking-Sports Solutions has to say:

Peter Lamb - Thinking-Sports Solutions

"I have been working with Match2Market for 18 months now and in that time I have been impressed with their professional approach to our social media marketing needs and their innovative thinking that has helped them suggest improvements to the way we do our social media marketing an our business marketing online. In most cases their suggestions are very useful and very valuable and we gladly take them on board. I would highly recommend Match2Market and Peter's team"

What Ron Polli from Vontronix TV has to say about working with Match2Market:

Ron Polli - Vontronix TV

“We've been working with Match2Market for a little over a year and the experience has been very successful. Peter has taken our online marketing to the next level while keeping expenses in check. With Peter's help we have achieved or exceeded our goals and we now have a much better understanding of where to place our advertising dollars. Match2Market has taken on all aspects of our marketing department and the arrangement could not be better. Highly recommended.”


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