As you can read above, more than 40% of all Google searches contains a local parameter. This could be the name of a burrow, neighborhood, town, county, city, state or a postal code. Also people who do local searches on Google often have the intent to visit the the place that is of interest to them and appears in the local search results. And there is a sense of urgency. They want to have their problem fixed or make that purchase. Now.

People often search with the intent to get a fix to their problem or to buy locally what they are looking for. Think about that. 40% of people searching on Google want something to buy or get fixed near to where they are located. That are a lot of potential customers. Therefore, local SEO is extremely important to the success of your local business.

Optimization of your Google MyBusiness listing is an important, if not thé most important part of local SEO. According to Search Engine Journal,Google MyBusiness Optimization should be the focus of all local businesses for 2020. The complete list:

- Google MyBusiness or GMB Optimization
- SEO Audits / Analysis
- On-site Optimization
- Reporting / Analytics
- Citation Management

The long and short of it is, if your company is nowhere to be found in local search results, people searching for exactly what you have to offer at the location where they are pass by your store and buy at your competitor. So being found in the virtual world gets your customers in the real one. It is a simple as that.

If you look at the services deemed most important for local businesses in 2020, we handle them all for you. And then some. Reputation management is also included. And we do it all for one monthly fee.

Included in the monthly fee is also mindset training. Being successful in business requires a certain type of set to the mind. We know. We have experienced it. We limited the growth of our company far too long by a restricting mindset. We don't want you to make the same mistakes we have. And you don't need to. We are there to guide you through every step towards success. 

This service includes a free keyword research report for search terms used in your location in reference to the services or products you offer. For these keywords you could build tailored content on your website or blog to improve the keywords you are found for locally. We will give you pointers on how to do that as well.

GMB Optimization

We will audit and optimize your Google MyBusiness Listing making your business easy to find within Google's ecosystem.

SEO Audit

We will audit your website in relation to performance for local search terms. Outcome will be a report for content improvement. 

On-site Optimization

We will give your website on overhaul to better perform on technical SEO. This will include implementing schema. 

Reporting / Analytics

We will set-up or improve Google analytics for your website to include goals and funnels so you know what is going on. 

Citation / Reputation Management

We keep track of mentiones and make sure you collect positive reviews. 

Montly Fee

You just pay one monthly fee for a service that includes all this and really does bring home the bacon. 

Be the No 1 Dot on the Map

Wouldn't it be a shame if you had the best product or service in town and nobody could find your place of business? Make sure your business gets found by your local clientele for the appropriate search terms. It is a complete waist of effort to build something with all you have and not get to share it with the people whom it would serve. Make sure your products or services get found by your local (potential) customers.

Google MyBusiness

Local SEO for us always starts with Google MyBusiness. It is a platform geared for local business success. And you always love your own children most, right? As does Google. Having an optimized Google MyBusiness listing will get rewarded by Google in local searches for relevant search terms. 

Your Reputation

Online, people say all sorts of things. Also about your business. And the people that would say something nice about your business sometimes let the opportunity go. We will help you monitor your reputation online, the virtual word of mouth so to speak. And we make it easy for your customers to tell a great story about your business. 

If You Are a Local Business Owner, You Need This.

Once people have heard of your business, they will start to do a search for it. Even most times, if you are not the broadest known brand, coming right off an ad. Do you think you will increase your chances to make them a customer if they straight away can find your business at the top of the search results? And your reputation and reviews about your business speak wonders about it? We think so to. In fact, this service works perfectly in sync with M2M Re-Engage. But that is another story. In itself, getting found for the right terms in your city or township and having your business supported by a strong online reputation and great reviews is gold in itself. 

People Searching Locally are in Need of a Solution Quickly

An attribute of people searching locally, about 40% of all searches, are in pressing need for a solution for what they want. This could be anything. Finding a shoe store, a restaurant that serves their type of diet, clothes to wear or a lock smith because they locked themselves out of their house. They will often search on their mobile and visit one of the top search results. If they have the time, they will look for online reviews and will check on the reputation of your business. Make sure your company can be found and has a rock solid reputation and great reviews. We can help you do that in this monthly service. 

One Monthly Fee - A Plethora of Services

In local search marketing we always start with Google MyBusiness as it has a pretty direct line with people calling and walking into your place of business. Once that is optimized, we work from there. We will make sure your website gets an overhaul, your reputation is solid and monitored and you collect great reviews. We do this phased. Month on month we will make sure your company performs better on all these fronts.  

Full Transparency with monthly status reports

We at Match2Market value transparency a lot. That is why we will provide monthly status reports on how your local SEO and reputation is doing. Followed up be a 15 minute call to answer any questions and plan for the month ahead. 

Aren't you excited to get your business in front of people who are search for exactly that which your business has to offer, right in your own city or neighborhood? We are! Excited to open that opportunity to you. Let's chat. No pitch, just value. Promise. And if it clicks, it clicks. For now, let's get acquainted. Click the button below to book your free Strategy Call


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