Needs to Grow. Now! Unfortunately Strapped for Cash. Help Wanted. 

  • Would the above sound like a classified for your company? We know it could be. We run into the businesses that really have potential but see no way to grow because they lack the funds.

    Since this whole crisis started, we at Match2Market have been thinking hard on how to better serve our community of current users of our services and how to help new customers. What we are going to propose here is tailor-made for eCommerce vendors that are looking to grow against the current without spending hand over fist in doing so.

    The bottom line of what we are proposing here is to take a joint, minimal risk in growing your online, Ecomm business. For this, we are looking for owners of successful online stores that see a huge potential for further growth. What is holding you back is lack of cash or lack of knowledge on how to grow the store.

    Growing a business can be tough and usually is not cheap. In general, the costs come way before the additional revenue which can be a big hurdle for store owners that don’t have deep pockets or investors backing them. This is where Match2Market comes in. We can handle all of your marketing, needed to grow your ecomm business fast, for you.

    For a limited percentage of sales revenue, payable per month, we will help you grow your business. Rapidly. You just pay us a percentage of the sales. We at Match2Market handle everything else. So that is ad creation, testing and campaign management. This includes data gathering and reporting and tweaking and optimizing the ads and your website and landing pages. We will set up remarketing campaigns. Email marketing, messenger marketing. We will do everything it takes to grow your store. Even provide the ad budget from the monthly fee you pay us. Or rebuild and host your website for you. All included. Whatever it takes to scale.

    Is there a catch? No. Not really. Our cooperation will be bound by an agreement that is sound in the long run for both parties. The four main points of that agreement are these:

    - Match2Market will handle, manage and optimize all paid ads campaigns as well as provide the ad budget. The remuneration will be a agreed upon percentage of sales.
    - Match2Market receives a cut of sales revenue. Typically between 15% and 22%.
    - The percentage agreed upon will stay the same during our cooperation. So say we grow your eCommerce platform by 2 times, our fee raises by 2 times as well (in absolute terms, not as a percentage. That stays the same). This leaves us room to keep increasing the ad budget and keep growing agressively.
    - We have to be able to do our due diligence to come to an agreement and percentage that is fair to both parties. (Potential) clients must be open about the history of their eCommerce store.

    Bottom line is that this plan leaves you with roughly 80% of all your revenue while all of your marketing is covered at a fixed monthly percentage that is tied to your revenue. We will invest heavily in optimizing, automating and scaling, your ads, your funnels, your website, your email marketing, your bot marketing. At the start usually more than our remuneration. It is a way for us to invest in your shop. Have skin in the game. And cooperate to make your eCommerce business an even bigger success.

    Getting ready for growth usually requires also a change in mindset. And we get it. We've been there. We had been getting by for years. And when we started to grow rapidly it required us to change our mindset. And most of how to adjust our mindset came from trial and error and having to find it all out ourselves. Fortunately for you that is not necessary. We will help you achieve that. It is part and parcel of our Done With You service offering. 

    That is our commitment to your growth and our success together. We will indeed have skin in the game with a big chunk of the marketing costs taken at our end. And that is the way we like it. It keeps us on our toes and eager. Plus we love the long term, mutually beneficial business relationships it got us so far. Because if we both make money from this, why divorce?

    Percentage of Sales

    In this service Match2Market gets paid a percentage of revenue. You never overpay having us as your marketing department. 

    Performance Marketing

    Once success is achieved and we grow your shop together, you only ever pay a percentage of revenue. True Performance Marketing.

    Full Service

    One of the most important benefits for you is that we will get the full stack of services and capabilities behind the growth of your store. 

    Fast Growth

    Making reservations of revenue to go to ad budgets, keeps us in a position to keep growing revenue and profits. Fast. 


    As we bring in the full grunt of our capabilities you can relax and rest assured you have every aspect of your Marketing covered. 

    Mutually Beneficial 

    We have a vested interest. Skin in the game. You can bet we work very hard to achieve your and with that our success.  

    Investment in Growth

    Without financial backing or investments it can be hard to grow your eCommerce or SAAS business. Or maybe you don't want to share your say in the company. And we can understand that. We like to sail our own course as well. Having cash at hand can however be a necessity to invest in marketing to grow your business. Because we have everything in house to take your marketing to the next level, we invest our hard work and skills in growing your business. We can even live with deferred rewards and can wait until increased revenues come in by investing our remuneration in ad budget and marketing for your eCommerce platform or SaaS business. 

    Improved Processes

    Our background is in business administration. And for years our founder was a consultant helping businesses not only with their marketing but also with improving the processes on the back end of that. This means we can help you improve processes and cut costs even more so we can really grow profits aggressively. 

    Ongoing Momentum

    With Match2Market as your Marketing Partner by your side and a percentage of our remuneration dedicated to ad budget, there is a good, good chance to continue momentum in the growth of your business. Which will be beneficial for both of us. Plus you continue to be the boss in your own store. This is usually not the case when you work with investors or other forms of third party financing.  

    Percentage of Revenue, True Performance Marketing

    If you work with a third party that finances your business you can believe us their terms are strict, their financial rewards immediate and guaranteed, even at the expense of your business when things go pear shaped. Plus you will be limited in your say in your own company. If you have an eCommerce website and you love to grow but lack the financial requirements, why not work with an expert marketing company that will have skin in the game? And that will only ever get paid a percentage of actual revenue. So you never overpay. Choose a partner in your growth that has skin in the game. Now that is performance marketing. 

    Together we achieve more.

    How you grow your business is also about personal preference. You can go the route of third party financiers, angel investors or crowd funding. What that basically does is leave you in the same situation with other people's money in your bank account. And they will come for their money. Or we get into this together. You will have all your marketing covered and better your business in the process. There is a big green button at the end of this page to get to know each other if this speaks to you. No strings attached. 

    All Marketing Covered.

    If you have not already done so, please take a look at our other services. We are not going to mention them all here but if we work together in growing your eCommerce shop you will have everything covered from ad to sale. And onward to the next sale, increasing lifetime value of your customers. Plus if technically feasible we integrate all marketing systems with the back end so no (potential) customer slips through the cracks. 

    Monthly fee based on success. You Remain in Charge.

    With Match2Market Done With You we will only charge you a percentage of your revenue for our full array of marketing services. Only when your revenue really starts to grow we will really and truly benefit. Because we will invest time, money and effort in growing your eCommerce platform. And ..... you will be the boss, boss. Contrary to ruthless contracts that you have to deal with when working with financial backers, you will keep the final say in your business. We are just there to give you marketing advice and grow your revenue.    

    We are already looking forward to getting acquainted. Let's talk. No obligations. Let us know your ideas where you want to be headed with your SAAS or eCommerce business and we will give you our 2 cents. Completely free of obligation or pitches. Click the green button below to directly book your call into our calendar. 


    After clicking the button you will be taken to our scheduling site where you can pick a time and date at your convenience. After you have made your appointment you will be directed to a small questionnaire (5 minutes) so we can get to know you and your company a little bit better and can come to the call well prepared. Looking forward to meeting you!

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