Don't let your potential customer ‘just leave’ Make them customers instead.  


Three feet from the Gold. An inspirational story to never give up. To keep ‘digging’ to find that gold. Also in these times of crisis. Especially maybe in these times of crisis. You might be closer than you think to striking gold.

You might be closer than you think, raking in these new clients. You see, if you have people visiting your site and you let them walk without any means to re-engage them, you are letting a golden opportunity go to waste. If people have landed on your site they have a clear interest in your products or services. Otherwise, they would not have landed on your site in the first place. If you just let them walk, you are turning your back on gold.

You see, the thing is in these modern times, you can get in front of people with your products and services or perhaps helping them with free tips, at the platforms where they are. Most people are on Facebook and on this platform it is very possible to get in front of exactly the people that have previously shown an interest in your products or services. The same is true for youtube and Google. Can you start to see that you are leaving gold on the table if you just let people walk when they leave your website? You are not going to stop 3 feet from the gold when you are aware you are just 3 feet from the gold, are you?

Re-targeting or remarketing can only be successful if your mind is set to making it a success. We can only bring the horse to the water so to speak. Your business set up, how you handle the leads or extra sales and how you maximize the value they bring to your business. And the value of your current customers to your business. All important parts in making your business as successful as it can be. Getting your mind to a place where you make re-engaging with website visitors a sounding success is also part of this service.


Re-Engage people that have shown and interest in your products, service or brand with an ad on the biggest online platforms.


Your advertising dollars are only targeted to an audience that already has shown some engagement with your brand. This makes your ad very targeted.    


Serve people an ad which is tailored to their stage in the buying journey based on preferences and behavior on your website and elsewhere.


Using our funnel mapping and simulation software, data gathered on ad platforms and website helps us improve your sales funnel from ad to sale.


Bi-weekly reports, monthly calls and a 24 / 7 accessible marketing data dashboard gives access to all data and keeps you on top of results.


Re-targeting ads on the biggest platforms to re-engage people already interested in your company does a lot of good for your bottom-line. 

Money on the Table

Have you mastered a way to get in contact again with people that 'just leave' your website? If not you are leaving actual gold on the table. If people come to your website they have an interest in what you have to offer. Them leaving might be due to getting distracted or having other obligations. Re-kindle the interest with your products and services through re-targeting ads. Don't leave all that money on the table.  

Data to improve business

Re-Engaging your customers on Google, Facebook and YouTube has the added benefit that these platforms give a lot of data back on what your (potential) customers respond well to. Aggregating this data will learn you a lot on how to improve all of your sales funnels and add to you bottom-line. And it lays the groundwork for successful ads to a cold audience, growing your business even further. 

Positive Return on Investment

As a responsible business person you are obviously interested in you return. Please considers this. If you are not doing any type of re-targeting now you have a good chance of 50% of your visitors just leaving. Look up the Bounce Rate of your website in your analytics reports. Also take into account the Life Time Value of your customers. Now you can do the math. Look at the conversion rate of your website. Now you can do the math on how many people you need to return to your website to make them a customer. For most of our customers the cost of letting half of your website visitors just leave far outweighs the investment in re-targeting ads and making extra sales. 

Don't turn you back on the people that are just about to become your customers.

It does not matter if you own a local business or and ecomm business, Match2Market Re-Engage works for both. But let me ask you a question. Or rather paint you a picture. Let's say you are the owner of a small shop. Somebody walks in and shows an above average interest in a certain category of your products. You engage them in a little conversation and are convinced you can help them. The phone now rings and you excuse yourself as you pick it up.

Upon your return it turns out this very interested, potential customers left. That phone conversation, although it had to be made, was just a tad too long.

If you had a way of knowing where this person went, would you approach them there and re-kindle the interest in your products? Of course you would! And in the online world you can. We help you approach this interested person at the biggest platforms where 90% of you customers hangs out at least a small part of their day and serve them a very targeted ad. 

Turn every Farewell into a 'see you soon'

If you have any people coming to your website you are literally just feet from the gold. If they are on your website for any length of time they must have an interest in what you have to offer. Are you going to 'just let them leave'? Of course not! For a very reasonable price you can serve previous visitors to your website an ad on the most visited platforms in the world. And you even target your message to where your potential customers are in the buying cycle. Make sure when people leave your website it is not goodbye but you see you soon. 

Done For You

To make re-targeting or re-marketing really successful, there is some work involved. Part of it is technical like setting up pixels and getting tracking in order. Part is getting the messaging, creative and hook right. And have your landing page and ad match up in style and messaging. And then test, test, test. Analyze the data. Make tweaks to ads and landing pages. Scale. And keep constant track on what's happening. That is a lot to do. Certainly while running a business. But worry not, if you work with us, we will do all the heavy lifting for you. We will bring the customers right into your virtual store. There you can do what you do best and probably excel at, making people fall in love with your products or services.  

Value for Money, No long-term obligation

We at Match2Market believe that for as long as we deliver a great service and value for money you will continue to WANT us to be partners in your success. So what is the point in long term contracts full of terms forcing you to stay with us?

We love that almost all of our business relationship have turned out to be mutually beneficial and long term. But we would rather see it progress there naturally without any contracts or terms forcing it. 

So now there is nothing left but to invite you to take the first step in maybe developing mutually beneficial business relationship. We love helping people out. And you might have some questions about re-targeting. Great!

Book your free, no obligations strategy call below. We will help you along with your questions. And no pitch. Promise.  


After clicking the button you will be taken to our scheduling site where you can pick a time and date at your convenience. After you have made your appointment you will be directed to a small questionnaire (5 minutes) so we can get to know you and your company a little bit better and can come to the call well prepared. Looking forward to meeting you! 

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