They are there. I know my future customers are out there. But how do I make them mine?


Scouts are a respected branch in any military. The success of an operation depends largely on the quality of the information they can feed to the rest of the troops. Scouts will spearhead the information finding effort with courage and ingenuity.
When we look at what the dictionary says for the word scout, it is this:

Make a search for someone or something in various places.

And a good scout will actually not only search but FIND WHAT you are looking for and report back, they will bring the desired object to your doorstep.

It so happens that the good people at Match2Market are excellent scouts. We are scouts of potential customers and leads and we bring them to your (virtual) doorstep. We target your audience on Facebook, Google Search and YouTube and engage them with your product or service to bring you the customers that have a real interest in the product or service you are selling.

We also work on mindset to make a success of increased interest in your business and your products or services. We can bring new interested people to your doorstep. And we do. But we will also teach you how to take them by the hand and convert them into customers once they appear there. We do that by together working on the mindset and processes in your business to be capable of handling growth and success.

Please bear in mind that billions of people use these platforms worldwide. Internet density in the US is almost 90% with almost all of these people using one or more of the mentioned platforms. Your audience is there, trust us. Whether you sell on a national or local scale. The art is in finding them and engaging them in a way that they want to do business with you. And that is exactly what we at Match2Market specialize in. Introducing: Match2Market Scout.

Interest Based

Based on interests that align with your service or products, search terms, etc. we will find the elixir to get you new audiences on the biggest platforms out there.


We will use your in house information from your customer data base or email list to find similar audiences on YouTube, Google Search and Facebook.


We will extensively test target audiences, copy, video, graphic, hooks and costs in ads and on landing page to find the best converting funnels for you. 

Funnel Simulation

We will map out the funnels and run scenarios on them so we can scale and optimize with a high level of predictability.

Tracking and Managing

As true scouts we keep our eyes for anomalies and make sure your ads stay crisp and profitable. All DFY for one monthly fee. 


We do lead and sales follow up with email marketing integrated into your CRM, Really making an impact to your bottom line. 

Your Piece of the Cake to Eat

The good news is that millions of people are on the platforms where we put your ad for you. The bad news is there are millions of people on the platform we put your ads on. Your customers are out there. No doubt. It can be hard to find the though between millions of others. And if you find them, how to approach them with the right message at the right time? We help you do that in a cost-effective fashion so you can find and have your proverbial cake and eat it too. 

More Money on the Back-End

If you have been a business owner for any length of time, you know full well that most money is actually made after the initial sale. Once you have a relationship with your customers and keep delivering value, they will return over and over. Match2Market will help you building a relationship by setting up or improving your email marketing and integration with your CRM. 

Continued Success

We at Match2Market we value a long term business relationship. That begins with your success. Match2Market Scout is offered as a monthly service to find a new audience for your products and services. This means that we keep a close eye on the performance of your ads. If necessary we test and tweak. And over time we just create new, better ads. All Done For You for one monthly fee.  

Your Hunch is Right, Your New Customers are Really Out There.  

The trick is to find them, engage them, get them through the stages in the sales cycle and make them a customer. Then get them into you follow-up system, CRM and email, and build a relationship. Build systems, don't let any of them slip through the cracks. Keep adding value to your customers' business and life and they will keep buying from you. It really is that simple. But first you have to find your ideal customer between the millions upon millions users of the internet. A skill we down to a T. 

Your Ideal Customer in an Ocean of People

We put your ad in front of people on Google, YouTube and Facebook, the top 3 platforms in the world. As you can imagine there are millions upon millions of daily visitors there. So what happens if you show your ad to the wrong crowd? The ad will not get clicked. What if your message is wrong? Ad will not get clicked. If your hook is off? Ad will not get clicked. If your landing page is wonky? No conversions happen. In the mean time you get charged every time your ad gets shown. Can you see that on platforms like these you can burn through your ad budget in minutes with the number of impressions they can generate? But can you also see that if you get things right there is a wealth of new customers on these platforms waiting to be served? 

Customer Lifetime Value

Even more important than making that initial sale is to keep focusing on the value each customer has during the time the arey a customer with you. There is more money to be made on the back end by offering additional / related services or products. That is why our service does not stop with bringing in that first sale. We help you with up-selling and cross-selling by setting up contact points with your initial customers by integrating their details into your email marketing and CRM. That way you can best serve your customers and add to your own bottom line. 

Plethora of Services, One Monthly Fee

With Match2Market Scout we almost serve as your outsourced marketing department. On your behalf we represent your company in many places online and feel honored to do so. We offer and extensive range of paid media, email marketing and integration services that really add to your bottom line for one monthly fee. And everything fully accountable and transparent with our bi-weekly reports, monthly call and 24 / 7 accessible Marketing Data Dashboard.  

We are already excited to get to know you. And we love to help. If you have any questions regarding paid media to a cold audience, please do not hesitate to reach out. Directly book a free strategy call with us. Value no pitches. Promise. 


After clicking the button you will be taken to our scheduling site where you can pick a time and date at your convenience. After you have made your appointment you will be directed to a small questionnaire (5 minutes) so we can get to know you and your company a little bit better and can come to the call well prepared. Looking forward to meeting you!

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