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This crisis is now really becoming a thing. And this social distancing will go on for a while. If you are a restaurant owner, gym owner or coach or run any other type of business where human interaction is key, you probably are feeling the consequences of this crisis already. Travel, leisure and hospitality are likely to be hit hardest if you read the studies. No industry will leave this crisis unscathed.

For you there are two ways to go about this crisis. You can either invest in learning a new skill and change work to an industry that is likely going to be hit less hard. Or you can adapt to your new reality and keep working in the trade or industry you love. Moving to an online model of acquiring and delivering your service is a first step to do that. And Match2Market is here to guide you through that process. Or maybe there are three ways, you do nothing and sit this one out. Not recommended in our opinion.

What you need to do is pivot. Pivot to translate the current situation into a chance. Because whatever way you look at it, this corona thing will have a lasting effect on how we interact with people and indeed how we do business.

In our humble opinion the best thing you can do is prepare your company to do business at a distance. What do we mean by that? If you run a restaurant where people used to come and sit, get into the online order, take away or delivery model. If you run a gym, provide lessons online so people can get or stay fit from the safety of their homes. If you are a coach, have one on one sessions through Skype, Zoom or any other means. Build one to many classes where people follow along your fitness lessons at home. Have a portal where you explain in video individual exercises and people pay you a monthly fee. You are the owner of a boutique clothing shop? Get into online ordering and home delivery. Have a lunchroom? Start taking orders from the internet and deliver at home. Do you see the common denominator here? To turn this crisis into an opportunity you need to start making online sales and lead generation a priority. And you need to start doing it now.

We thought long and hard about this. How can we help small and medium businesses get the most out of the crisis? How do we get businesses online quickly and help them turn to the online sales or online lead generation model? For this we tested some platforms where we could quickly and cost efficiently set up a web shop or online lead generating website. And we are delighted to say: we succeeded!

Within certain parameters and conditions which are laid out on our pricing page, we can now offer to start your online shop or online lead generation page for well under forty five hundred  dollars. Yes really. Way less than $ 4.500. Not will we build a solid eCommerce platform for your business. We will also build your shop on Facebook if it falls within Facebook Terms and Services (for instance, service offerings are not allowed).

Setting up the technology is however only part of the equation of success. We are convinced that any success in business starts with the right mind of the owner and defining staff. Getting into the mindset and habit of success is part of this service offering as well. 

We understand if you might think this offer is too good to be true. Are we doing this just out of the goodness of our heart? Yes and no. Yes we would like to play a big part in small and medium businesses surviving and thriving through this crisis. No in the sense that once your new website gets going, we hope you are so convinced of our customer first philosophy and professionalism you would like to start using one or more of our other services. Because frankly, this service will not make us a profit. But we hope it helps you as an SMB business owner to succeed through these hard times. And once succeeding, we hope you turn to us for additional services to grow your business further. Step into the magic of online with us with M2M Online Proof.

Fixed Fee

Our goal with this service is to get struggling brick and mortar businesses online as soon as possible. For one low fixed fee. 


Templated build of online store. Usually delivered in week. We want your time to online market to be as short as possible. 

Proven Tech

We build your store with proven technology. Thousands upon thousands of online stores run with the tech we use. 

Future Proof

Since the crisis started in March 2020 online a few businesses have thrived. Common denominator? Online sales. 

All Industries

Our Match2Market Future Proof service is applicable across a wide range of industries that need to go to online selling now. 

Here to stay

We have no crystal ball but during every crisis, online sales grow. M2M Future Proof will help secure your business. 

Calling all Brick and Mortar Industries

Our M2M Online Proof service can serve all business owners that need to get online to start selling again. Now! Think: Restaurants, Gyms, Coaches, Grocery Stores, Fashion and Apparel, Cosmetics. Get creative. We will make it work.

Consumer Behavior has Changed

We will get passed this Corona crisis but please be aware of the fact that people's behavior has changed. This crisis has only sped up things. We more and more do our buying and ordering online. Adapt and improvise to survive. We help you get to online sales. For one fixed fee. 

Make or Break

This is make or break time. Traditional exclusively offline businesses will be hit hardest by this crisis. It is not only the social distancing rules but the change in consumer behavior that charges the drive to online. Your business is either with this flow or it is out. But we can help. We want you to make it. 

Survival of Your Business is at Stake. 

If we can believe the experts we are about to face the deepest crisis in our lifetimes. Let's hope we catch a break. But the signals are not hopeful. If your business is not online, or at least can cater to some hybrid format, it is going to be hard to overcome this one. For a one time low fee get your services or products online. We are here to help. Step into this brave new world with us. 

Some Businesses Thrive in These Times

Some businesses have thrived in these crisis times and the most important fact they have in common? They run their business online. At for a big part of it. eCommerce and hybrid models have been most successful during the crisis. Hybrid meaning some sort of online order taking or lead generating process with offline delivery or fulfillment. There are always ways to make money. And we can help you with that. 

Almost Turn-Key

Obviously you have a big part to play in this as well. And you need to guide us along your business and help us understand how to model it to an online system. For the rest we can help you. We can help you get everything in place from analytics to payment processing, from order taking to how to fulfill.  

Complete solution, one low one time fee

If we are honest, we do not make much of a profit on this service. We hope to help you. So are we good Samaritans?  Not that exactly either. But we will provide you with a quality online selling or lead generation solution. Plus we would hope that in the future you would consider buying any of the rest of our services. So that's what's in it for us. 

As there is no time to waste, we are looking forward to your call. Let's get this show on the road!


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